Purse.io Enables “Instant” Amazon Shopping with Bitcoin

This week, Purse.io announced a new product design to extend the support of its existing e-commerce marketplace while maintaining Amazon shopping as its main focus. Instant, the product, is said to allow Bitcoin as a payment method for instant purchases through Amazon.

Purse.io is a marketplace that uses the Amazon Wish Lists to help people interested in buying or selling Bitcoin do their deal. Purse.io lets Bitcoin users spend their Bitcoins on virtually anything through Amazon, giving them a discount between 5 to 20% while helping to make Bitcoin more widely used.Purse_article_1_NewsBTC

Purse.io was launched in 2014, and already has about 32,000 users on its marketplace. The Company implemented a business model where users looking to buy Bitcoin with a credit card and users wanting to sell their Bitcoin inexchange for savings in Amazon purchases can connect and do the deal.

The company’s new product defines the way where the company is heading. It will provide consumers a faster way to get and/or spend their Bitcoin. The process will be possible because the company will be holding a reserve fund for buyers who want items more quickly in exchange for reduced savings, from 5% up to 20%.

The Company co-founder, Andrew Lee says:

“Long-term vision, we have a unique value proposition enabled by bitcoin, if you think of those people who hunt for promo codes, you can skip all that now by just having bitcoin.”

The company will allow users to make instant purchases, by backing up the customers’ orders.

This move comes within the next company’s milestone range, after taking its business model into the real world by opening last February a bitcoin-only retail shop.

Now that Brawker, the company’s main competitor, is believed to be closing its doors, Purse.io will most certainly be taking the lead in the sector.


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