Polish Bank Creates Mobile ATMs Using BMW i3 Cars

It’s just mesmerizing to think of the times we live in. Not too long ago, if you wanted to make a withdrawal from your account at a bank, you had to fill out some paperwork that was then handed over to a bank teller and only then you could actually get your money. Oh yes and you’d probably also have to stand in line for long periods of time.

The credit card and ATMs changed the way we do banking irreversibly. More and more people make payments with electronic devices, and that can be seen everywhere. The most obvious proof is Bitcoin that no longer has anything to do with the concept of receiving a piece of paper.

However, people are still using cash and, according to Poland’s Idea Bank, up to a third of company owners use the old fashion way to pay for stuff. The other two-thirds use both cash and other methods of payment for their needs.

In this regard, they figured that all of these people will probably reject the idea of having to travel to a bank or the nearest ATM to withdraw some money. That can be a gruesome task sometimes as you struggle to find a parking spot near an ATM or if you enter a bank and notice that waiting in line will take longer than you’re comfortable with.

Therefore, they created mobile ATMs. How? By incorporating the machines inside BMW i3s. The cars can be called by entrepreneurs using a smartphone app and have their money delivered to their location. At the same time, deposits can also be made this way at the end of a working day if the need arises.

“Entrepreneurs who personally deliver their income to the bank or a stationary CDM waste both their time and money. Our service aims at lifting that weight off their shoulders,” said Dominik Fajbusiewicz, Idea Bank board member, for Finextra.

The ATMs inside have their own power source and using i3s allows the bank to claim they are not harming the environment with their newfound trick. It’s quite impressive to be honest, and Idea Bank wants to employ the service in more cities across Poland as it is limited to Warsaw at the moment.

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