Dublin is getting the world’s first smart bakery

From smartwatches to smartphones, everything else we have is getting a technological upgrade, and now finally our bakeries are too…well at least one is.

Krüst Bakery is set to become the first smart bakery in the world as they will allow customers to utilise a whole range of fancy new technology while they enjoy a donut. The plans go beyond what other cafes and coffee shops around the world are doing, such as wireless charging, and will bring the bakery well and truly into the 21st century.

Speaking about the upcoming launch of their flagship store on George’s Street, co-founders of the chain Robert Kramer and Garret Flower said that there’s a huge amount of technology being packed into the store: “iPad checkouts with Bitcoin support, streaming your own music in the bakery, coffee and sandwich ordering via smartphone to cut waiting times with office deliveries, digital loyalty cards, wireless chargers and and and… We cut energy waste with Google’s Nest Smart Thermostat, we even meter the energy consumption of all our equipment through the internet and our smartphones!”

It’s clear that the pair are pretty forward thinking, given that they were the first bakery in Ireland to accept payment through bitcoin, but they’re not stopping there either: “we have just started! Fingerprint payments and drone deliveries is next!”.

So, next time you fancy a cronut, you can order one from the palm of your hand into the palm of your hand. The future is here…

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