Roger Ver Becomes Target of Hack Attempt, Attacker Eventually Backs Down

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver has apparently been the target of a major hack attempt, according to posts he’s put up on social media websites Facebook and Twitter.

It all started with Ver declaring an emergency:

“I need to contact Patrick Khajehtoorian right now!!! If anyone has his contact info or know where he lives. Please wake him up right now!!!!! Please have him call me ASAP!!! He has my number”

The update intrigued members of the bitcoin community, eager to find out more about what was going on.

Shortly after his post, a user responded with, “Probably some btc news. Sure he’s fine.”

But he wasn’t.

“I’m not fine! 10 point emergency!” Ver added. “All my stuff is getting hacked! I need Patrick ASAP!”

It’s unclear why Ver was trying to reach Patrick Khajehtoorian, a Product Manager at VerticalResponse, on the matter.

Ver’s next update revealed more information about the attacker, operating under the handle of “nitrous” on Skype. He also offered a significant bounty for more information on the attacker.

“37.6 BTC Reward (About $20K USD currently) for information leading the the arrest of the hacker who is trying to access all my stuff at the moment. Beware of all my accounts for the moment while I try to lock everything down! He is using the skype ID of nitrous”

That seems to have done it, with Ver telling CoinDesk a short time later that the attacker has backed down.

“An email address and Facebook account I don’t use anymore were hacked, but it started to spread until I told him I’m offering a $20k bounty for his arrest, then he gave up and gave me the password to all the hacked accounts. I’ll post all the details once I finish locking everything down,” he said.

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