A prepaid card for Bitcoin believers

This week a company called Prepaid Bitcoin announced the official launch of — a prepaid Bitcoin card.

In a news release, Prepaid Bitcoin founder and CEO Josh Agho said the attraction of his product is that, “Our prepaid cards put Bitcoin within reach of the average consumer, and make it easier for them to purchase smaller amounts of Bitcoin.”

Consumers can purchase cards in four denominations: $10; $25; $50; and $100. Each card is loaded with the corresponding amount of Bitcoin. For instance, if the Bitcoin current market price is $500, a $25 Prepaid Bitcoin card would hold approximately 0.045 BTC, the company said in a news release

There are benefits to the retailer as well, Agho said. “We have an attractive revenue share model for retailers and distributors. Bitcoin is in very high demand, and bulk Prepaid Bitcoin cards give retailers an easy way to provide it to their customers.”

One measure of success for Prepaid Bitcoin might be whether retailers accept Bitcoin as payment for a Bitcoin prepaid card.

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